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  • Ahmed Saleh

2023 MENA Climate Week launched, co-hosted by Saudi Arabia and UNFCCC

Riyadh, October 08, 2023, The 2023 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Climate Week, organized in partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat, officially kicked off today and is scheduled to run until October 12th.

The inaugural session commenced with an enlightening dialogue that featured the participation of two young children who, despite their early education years, posed insightful questions that hold significant relevance in the ongoing climate discussions throughout the week.

Throughout the MENA Climate Week, the primary focus will be on fostering climate action, particularly with regards to emissions reduction and adaptive strategies. This holistic approach to dialogue incorporates a diverse array of perspectives and viewpoints.

A noteworthy highlight of the event's commencement was the prominent role played by the Kingdom's talented, forward-thinking, and driven young leaders, who shared their knowledge and perspectives with attendees. These emerging leaders have emerged as invaluable resources and sources of inspiration for all participants.

Among the distinguished young leaders were Noura Al-Issa, a senior specialist in international policy and climate negotiations at the Ministry of Energy; Naglaa Al-Sudairi, Head of Policy and Awareness at the Petroleum Demand Sustainability Program within the Ministry of Energy; Reem Al-Sultan, Director of Strategies and Partnerships at the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center; Mohammed Ayoub, a climate change specialist at the Ministry of Energy; Mazen Al-Ashwal, an analyst specializing in committee affairs and strategic support at the Ministry of Energy; and Nouf Abdul Ghani, a senior specialist in renewable energy integration.

Each of these exceptional young leaders expounded on various aspects of climate change pathways and the Kingdom's dedicated efforts in this regard. Topics ranged from the significance of international cooperation and energy transitions to material transformations, the circular carbon economy approach, and the Kingdom's overarching initiatives and strategies aimed at addressing climate change challenges.

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