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2023 Saudi Games torch arrives in NEOM for promotional campaign

NEOM, November 3, 2023, In a vibrant display of excitement, the torch for the second edition of the 2023 Saudi Games has reached NEOM as part of an extensive promotional campaign for Saudi Arabia's most significant sporting event. Scheduled to take place in Riyadh from November 26 to December 10, this event is generating considerable anticipation.

The NEOM Beach Games served as the backdrop for a festive atmosphere as Jan Paterson, the chief of NEOM's sports sector, was entrusted with the torch. The symbolic torch then found its way into the hands of former footballer Saud Al-Khaibari and accomplished female cyclist Mashael Alhazmi.

Embarking on its journey from Riyadh, the torch for the 2023 Saudi Games is set to traverse the nation, epitomizing the essence of the games, which values camaraderie and humanity. This initiative aims to spread a message of peace, love, and optimism, encouraging both citizens and residents to actively partake in this grand sporting event.

With over 8,000 athletes representing more than 200 Saudi clubs, the 2023 Saudi Games will stand as the largest sports event in the Kingdom's history. Athletes will compete in 53 diverse events, including six Paralympic disciplines and 12 youth sports, creating an environment of athletic prowess and unity.

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