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  • Ahmad Bashari

225 Cases Are Received by the Center for Heat Exhaustion and Sunstroke

In this respect, on June 16, 2024 Arafat's medical facility documented 225 cases of pilgrims suffering with heat stress and weariness.

Modern equipment for the treatment of sunstroke and heat stress is installed in twenty beds in the hospital.

Other than maintaining separate clinics for males and females, it also accommodates a pharmacy inside the premises.

The 16th of June, 2024, Arafat. The cases were received by the heat exhaustion and sunstroke medical facility, which belongs to the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs. The facility has received 225 cases of pilgrims showing symptoms of heat stress and fatigue. There are 20 beds in the facility-all of them are equipped with the latest technology to deal with the cases of heat stress and sunstroke. These beds have sprinklers that spread air and water sprays around the body of each injured person. The center also has a pharmacy and male and female clinics.

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