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  • Ahmed Saleh

32nd Saudi relief plane, operated by KSrelief, delivers 16 tons of medical supplies to Gaza

El-Arish, Egypt, December 18, 2023, Today marks the arrival of the 32nd Saudi relief plane, meticulously operated by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief), in Egypt. This aircraft carries a substantial cargo of 16 tons of crucial medical supplies destined for the Palestinian people residing in the Gaza Strip.

This timely humanitarian assistance underscores Saudi Arabia's enduring commitment to playing a historic role in supporting its brotherly Palestinian counterparts during times of crisis. The provision of essential medical supplies reflects the Kingdom's dedication to alleviating the challenges faced by the Palestinian population, particularly in the Gaza Strip, and reinforces Saudi Arabia's ongoing efforts to contribute to humanitarian causes on the global stage. Through initiatives like these, the Kingdom continues to exemplify its commitment to international solidarity and the well-being of those affected by adversity.

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