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  • Ahmed Saleh

43rd King Abdulaziz International Competition evaluates 36 candidates, hearing 21 recitations

Makkah, August 27, 2023, The King Abdulaziz International Competition for Memorization, Recitation, and Interpretation of the Holy Quran's 43rd edition jury has been hearing the recitations of 21 competitors throughout the competition's second day's evening session. The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call, and Guidance, which oversees the competition, has thus far assessed the recitations of 36 candidates. The jury heard submissions from contestants from Lebanon, Togo, Chad, Indonesia, Jordan, Mali, Italy, Nigeria, Congo, Yemen, Sierra Leone, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Oman, Iraq, Sudan, Tanzania, Azerbaijan, the Philippines, the United States of America, Kuwait, and India on Sunday. On the third day of the final qualifiers, it will resume its evaluations by paying attention to the recitations of numerous participants in both the morning and evening sessions, representing various nations from around the world.

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