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  • Ahmed Saleh

6.25M worshippers at Prophet's Mosque, up 500K from previous week

Madinah, November 7, 2023, During the past week, a notable 6,252,097 worshippers converged at the Prophet's Holy Mosque, representing a significant increase of over 500,000 individuals compared to the preceding week. This surge in visitors prompted the General Authority for the Affairs of the Grand Mosques and the Prophet's Mosque to bolster their on-ground support and guidance services for the devotees.

Efficient organizational measures, overseen by the Crowd Management Department at the Prophet's Mosque, facilitated a serene and tranquil environment for 134,547 worshippers to pray in the Holy Rawdah—the sacred area between the Prophet Muhammad's tomb and the minbar within the Prophet's Mosque. Additionally, 493,147 individuals paid their respects at the revered Prophet Muhammad's tomb.

With such an influx of visitors, the Prophet's Mosque calls for collective efforts from various departments, including the Directorate of Guidance, which extends services in multiple languages and distributes guidance materials at five key locations within the mosque: gates 336, 328, 364, 301, and 316.

The comprehensive support efforts encompass round-the-clock field services, overseeing sanitation initiatives, maintaining cleanliness, providing water facilities, regulating entry and exit procedures, disseminating guidance via electronic displays, and monitoring weather conditions to safeguard worshippers during inclement weather, including rainfalls and heatwaves.

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