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  • Ahmed Saleh

663,508 pilgrims arrived in Madinah after Hajj season ended

Madinah, July 26, 2023, As of Tuesday, an impressive count of 663,508 pilgrims from various nations had made their way to Madinah following the conclusion of the Hajj season. According to the latest data released by the Hajj and Visit Committee, a total of 10,684 pilgrims made their way to the city of Madinah yesterday. According to the latest statistics, a staggering total of 515,494 pilgrims are expected to make their way back to their respective countries. However, it is worth noting that, as of yesterday, the number of departing pilgrims stood at a significantly lower figure of 21,272. According to recent statistics, the number of pilgrims still present in Madinah has reached a significant figure of 147,935 as of Tuesday. In a recent report, it was revealed that the housing occupancy rate currently stands at a mere 49%. This statistic sheds light on the concerning state of housing availability in the area. Additionally, it has been reported that a total of 1,513 pilgrims were fortunate enough to receive medical services yesterday. These services undoubtedly played a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of these individuals during their pilgrimage.

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