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A Motorsport Company Has Released Information About the Sixth Dakar Rally Saudi Arabia

Information regarding the sixth Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia, scheduled to occur from January 3–January 17, 2025, has been released by the Saudi Motorsport Company.

The rally will begin in Bisha, and participants will travel 950 kilometers in various dry regions in a northerly direction along the Red Sea before turning east towards Shaybah.

There will be five stages in all, including a mass start, marathon, and prologue. Hundreds of competitors will compete in several categories at the event.

SPA: May 19, 2024, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia The details of the sixth Dakar Rally have been made public by the Saudi Motorsport Company, a division of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation. Since 2020, Saudi Arabia has served as the host country for the Dakar Rally, one of the most renowned racing events in the world.The sixth Dakar Rally Saudi Arabia will commence on January 3, 2025, with the starting point being Bisha, situated in the southern section of the Kingdom. After then, they'll head north along the Red Sea and then east toward Shaybah, which is in the province of the Empty Quarter. The athletes will cross the finish line on January 17 after walking 950 kilometers in various desert regions.There will be five stages of the rally, each on a separate circuit, to restrict how many times cars may pass motorcyclists. Interesting stages including a prologue, a marathon stage, and a mass start stage will be included in the event. Hundreds of competitors will compete in a variety of categories while admiring the Kingdom's amazing natural beauty and historical sites.

"May 19, 2024, Jeddah, One of the biggest racing events in the world, the Dakar Rally, has been held in Saudi Arabia since 2020. The sixth edition of the race had its details revealed by Saudi Motorsport Company, which is run by the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation.

 The sixth Dakar Rally Saudi Arabia will start on January 3, 2025, at Bisha, in the southern part of the Kingdom. From there, participants will head north along the Red Sea and then east toward Shaybah, in the Empty Quarter. On January 17, the competitors will have covered 950 kilometers over diverse desert environments when they cross the finish line.

 To reduce the number of times cars pass motorcycles, the rally will feature five stages on distinct circuits. A prologue, marathon stage, mass start stage, and more intriguing stages will all be included in the event. Numerous categories will see hundreds of contestants competing while taking in some of the most breathtaking natural beauty and historical locations in the Kingdom."

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