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  • Ahmed Saleh

A singular design element, resembling a signature swoosh, shapes Lotus' Emeya hyper-GT

In the creation of Lotus' all-new all-electric hyper-GT, Emeya, a single defining design element serves as the blueprint, much like a signature swoosh in the automotive world. This "single line" stretches from the car's nose to the integrated rear light blade, serving as the foundational inspiration for Emeya's "hyperstance" proportions and overall design. It not only pays homage to the aesthetics of iconic mid-engined Lotus models but also propels the brand into the future, emphasizing dynamism, continuity, and agility.

Emeya draws inspiration from 75 years of Lotus performance car DNA while signaling a transformation for the brand. The exterior boasts dramatic musculature, highlighted by an ultra-narrow LED strip across the rear that doubles as an intelligent taillight. This theme extends to the interior, with a "ribbon of technology" providing a shared user interface for the front-seat occupants.

Positioned between the wheels and close to the ground, Emeya's battery configuration results in a low center of gravity, contributing to its "hyperstance." With a long wheelbase and short overhangs, the car exhibits a "cab-forward" silhouette, making it appear more dynamic. Bold muscular wheel arches, reminiscent of Lotus' racing heritage from the 1950s and 1960s, further emphasize its performance-oriented design.

Emeya's unique daytime running light (DRL) layout enhances its road presence, with hidden headlamps creating a clean front-end design. The car also features industry-leading taillight technology, boasting the thinnest RGB dynamic LED rear light bar ever seen on a production vehicle.

The interior of Emeya is characterized by a single blade of light enveloping the cabin, creating a cocoon of progressive luxury. The use of durable repurposed fibers and advanced luxury materials underscores the brand's commitment to performance and craftsmanship. Exposed carbon fiber elements pay homage to Lotus' racing heritage, reminding occupants that Emeya is a performance car "For The Drivers."

The creation process of Emeya involved a combination of traditional and digital tools, resulting in a refined, precision-driven design. The world-class design team, led by Ben Payne, Vice-President of Design at Lotus Group, has carefully crafted this electrifying hyper-GT.

Emeya was globally unveiled in September 2023 as part of Studio Emeya, a three-day immersive brand experience in New York City, showcasing the past, present, and future of Lotus. Further information, including market availability and pricing, will be disclosed in the coming months.

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