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Abu Dhabi Ferrari Racing Days feature various events

Excitement, acceleration, feelings, and the roar of passing Ferraris From February 2–5, Yas Marina Circuit will host the exclusive private track event known as Ferrari Racing Days in Abu Dhabi. bringing together the outstanding Ferrari Challenge, F1 Clienti, XX Program, and Club Competizioni GT, along with the successful season 3 of Passione Ferrari Club Challenge, in an association that only Ferrari can deliver.

The return of Corse Cliente events to Abu Dhabi is eagerly awaited. During the four days, prestigious clients will gather on one of the most well-known racetracks in the world to experience driving vehicles that most people can only imagine. Please click on the links at the bottom of this page for further details about each program.

The Ferrari Challenge and Club Challenge's skilled drivers will be operating the amazing 488 Challenge Evos, masters of speed and adrenaline, in an effort to break each other's time records and win the top spots.

The notable occasion lowers the barriers for Ferrari owners who want to participate in the racing scene, allowing them to test their appealing models and the newest 296 GTB in a focused, safe setting as part of Passione Ferrari.

The spectators will leave with amazing experiences that only Ferrari is capable of producing as they travel through mixed emotions of driving thrill and excitement, joy and competition. We look forward to sharing Ferrari experiences with you.

Passione Ferrari Club Challenge

Passione Ferrari Club Challenge Season 3 With each event, the number of participants in the Middle East climbs. So far, the season has been filled with excitement, thrills, and speed around the region, with events taking place in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait. For the fifth round of the Passione Ferrari Club Challenge, we return to the world-famous Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi for the second time this season.

Passione Ferrari is an introduction to racing, with clients driving their own Ferraris or testing the latest models with qualified instructors. Pushing these automobiles to their utmost on the world's premier tracks is a thrilling experience. For many, it is a family-day experience to share and cherish for years to come.

Club Challenge members will take to the track in their Ferrari 488 Challenge Evos to hone their talents. The Club Challenge is commonly referred to as the gentleman's race because all races are against the clock rather than slugging it out on the corners. The Super Pole sees winners chosen by tenths of a second, and it's always a close finish.

F1 Clienti and XX Program

F1 Clienti and the XX Program, two of Corse Clienti's most exclusive programs, mix Ferrari's dream vehicles, former racing stars of the past, and limited series hypercars in exclusive non-competitive events.

F1 Clienti reintroduces to the track the single-seater racers utilized by Scuderia Ferrari in the F1 World Championships from the 1920s to the 1970s. In Abu Dhabi, we'll witness sixteen of these old-school heroes, including a Ferrari F300, an F2001, two F2007s, an F60, an F138, and an SF70H, a single-seater hybrid powertrain that competed in 2017.

The XX Program showcases Ferrari hypercars that will never be seen on the streets. Twenty vehicles will lap the track in Abu Dhabi in an unprecedented exhibition of power. The FXX-K Evo, along with other cars such as the FXX and 599XX, is the most represented automobile in the XX Program.

These classic vehicles will take to the track at Abu Dhabi's famous Yas Marina Circuit in a display of history and prestige, with the single-seater F1 models recalling golden occasions and the most limited series highest-performance Ferraris.

Club Competizioni GT

At Club Competizioni GT's private, non-competitive events, GT racing car stars from thirty years of Ferrari racing history return to the track alongside current leaders from specialized GT championships. The program invites owners of these special automobiles, which have been created since 1989, to participate in track events at the world's most renowned and prestigious circuits. Club Competizioni GT provides owners with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to drive their own car in a safe racing atmosphere while receiving expert guidance and help from committed official Competizioni GT drivers. Unrivaled driving pleasures are available exclusively from Ferrari.

Thirteen Ferrari models, spanning from the 2989 F40 Competizione to the most recent 296 GT3s accessible to Ferrari racing clients, are eligible to compete in the Club Competizioni GT. In addition to the base equipment, which includes personalized clothing gear and a pair of tires for each round, club membership includes on-demand services such as one-on-one sessions with experienced drivers, car transfers, and customized logistics.

Five Ferrari 488 GT3 models, as well as the limited-edition 488 GT Modificata, will be on display in Abu Dhabi. This vehicle is powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine that, when not constrained by sports restrictions, is capable of producing around 700 horsepower.

Ferrari Challenge

A three-continent competition with over 1,000 drivers who have competed in hundreds of events since it began in 1993. It has evolved into one of the world's best-known one-make competitions. With every driver competing in the same make, model, and generation, there is no technical edge, leaving only skill to distinguish the competitors.

The Ferrari Challenge is ideal for people who want to compete in top-level sprint races rather than simply drive their Ferraris on the road. The championship includes Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo cars and is separated into three series: Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.

The Abu Dhabi race features 25 Ferrari Challenge cars, 11 of which are valid for the Asia Pacific (APAC) championship. There is an overall ranking for the other 14 vehicles entered from the European and North American series that will determine the best at the end of the two rounds. After races at Suzuka and Fuji, Japan, and Mugello and Imola, Italy, followed by Dubai at the end of January, Abu Dhabi will be the season's final race.

The Trofeo Pirelli AM standings show Yudai Uchida (Rosso Scuderia) leading with 123 points, ahead of Nobuhiro Imada (Rosso Scuderia), who has 117. Kanji Yagura (Cornes Osaka), who is 21 lengths behind Kazuyuki Imada (Cornes Osaka), and Motohiko Isozaki (Cornes Shiba), who is 58 points behind, are the next two competitors in the Shell Cup standings. Shigeru Kamiue (European Version) leads the Shell AM Cup with 95 points, 42 points ahead of Baby Kei (Cornes Osaka) and Andrew Moon (FMK), who are separated by 42 and 52 points, respectively.

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