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  • Ahmed Saleh

Aden General Hospital and Cardiology Center marks one-year of operation

Aden, November 2, 2023, The Aden General Hospital and Cardiology Center celebrated its one-year anniversary of operational management in Aden. This vital project has benefited over 200,000 people up to September 2023, performing 4,802 surgeries since its initiation in December 2022. Among these surgeries, 3,077 took place at the Aden General Hospital, with 1,725 cardiac surgeries, including 1,534 cardiac catheterizations, and 191 open-heart surgeries.

The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) has played a significant role in operating and managing the Aden General Hospital and Cardiology Center, ensuring the provision of top-tier medical personnel to serve the Yemeni population. Through the establishment of 14 specialized clinics in addition to the Cardiology Center, the SDRPY has collaborated with development partners to enhance the healthcare sector's performance and service quality in Aden and neighboring governorates.

The Aden General Hospital has witnessed a range of medical procedures, including 747 general surgeries, 613 eye surgeries, 553 women's and childbirth surgeries, 381 tract surgeries, 358 bone surgeries, 241 nose, ear, and throat surgeries, and 184 gastrointestinal surgeries. The hospital boasts a substantial 20,000-square-meter area and a clinical capacity of 270 beds, equipped with 2,187 medical devices and equipment.

The Aden General Hospital and Cardiology Center project represents an extension of the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program's 34 schemes and initiatives within Yemen's healthcare sector. These initiatives aim to enhance healthcare infrastructure, improve accessibility, and elevate the quality and effectiveness of healthcare services.

This project is part of a broader endeavor, with 229 development projects and initiatives implemented by the SDRPY across various Yemeni governorates. These initiatives span eight fundamental sectors, including education, health, water, energy, transportation, agriculture, fishery, institutional capacity building, and the implementation of various development programs.

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