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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ahmad bin Abdulaziz Qattan met with South Sudan's Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs

Juba, August 02, 2023, The Advisor at the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ahmad bin Abdulaziz Qattan, recently held a meeting with the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Internal Relations of South Sudan. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern between the two countries.

During a press conference held subsequent to the meeting, Deng conveyed South Sudan's endorsement of the Kingdom's proposal to host World Expo 2030 in Riyadh. The acting minister emphasized that South Sudan also expresses its appreciation for the organization of the inaugural Saudi-African and the fifth Arab-African summits in the Kingdom during the current year.

Advisor Qattan expressed the Kingdom's gratitude for the support provided by South Sudan, highlighting the exceptional relationship between the Kingdom and South Sudan.

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