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  • Ahmed Saleh

Advisor to Grand Mufti of Bosnia praises Saudi Arabia's WAMY programs

Sarajevo, February 07, 2024, Dr. Mustafa Prljaca, Advisor to the Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has conveyed his sincere appreciation for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's steadfast efforts, particularly through the impactful programs facilitated by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY). These initiatives encompass a spectrum of vital endeavors ranging from community service and youth rehabilitation to family support and the cultivation of individual awareness regarding their societal roles and responsibilities.

Dr. Prljaca expressed his sentiments during a dialogue forum organized by WAMY's office in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The forum served as a platform for insightful discussions on various pertinent topics including family dynamics, the exploration of religious teachings, their practical application, and contemporary societal challenges.

Mohamed Sabbagh, Director of WAMY's regional office, underscored the significance of these programs as a reflection of WAMY's profound understanding of societal complexities and its unwavering commitment to devising effective solutions that enhance societal well-being and foster harmonious coexistence among families and individuals.

Furthermore, Sabbagh extended heartfelt gratitude to the Kingdom for its unwavering support towards WAMY programs, emphasizing their pivotal role in raising awareness, benefiting society at large, and reinforcing familial stability. The Kingdom's support plays a crucial role in enabling WAMY to fulfill its mission of promoting positive social change and contributing to the overall betterment of society.

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