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  • Ahmed Saleh

Agency for Grand Mosque security adds 500 civil security personnel

Makkah, February 13, 2024, The Agency for Security, Safety, Confrontation of Emergencies and Risks under the auspices of the General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque has recently bolstered its team with the recruitment of approximately 500 civil security personnel. These personnel have been tasked with overseeing and managing crowd control operations across all sites associated with the Grand Mosque, including the authority's premises and surrounding facilities.

In addition to managing crowd dynamics, these newly recruited personnel will be responsible for ensuring the functionality of safety equipment within the Grand Mosque, as well as maintaining seamless communication channels with relevant authorities.

The agency prides itself on employing a team of highly qualified national staff who have undergone rigorous training in security and safety protocols. Their duties encompass monitoring security operations, safeguarding both individuals and property and facilitating the smooth flow of worshippers within the Grand Mosque and its associated facilities.

Furthermore, recognizing the diverse international community that frequents the Grand Mosque, the agency has also enlisted the services of over 15 security personnel proficient in various foreign languages. Among these languages are Chinese, Sri Lankan, Urdu, Hausa, Farsi, English, and Turkish, ensuring effective communication and assistance for worshippers from different linguistic backgrounds.

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