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  • Sheryll Mericido

AI-analyzed heart ultrasound images accurately measure organ pumping action

London, August 29, 2023, According to PA Media, researchers have found that AI-analyzed heart ultrasound images are just as accurate as those that a human expert interprets using a conventional ultrasound machine to gauge the organ's pumping action. Furthermore, the AI can interpret the images of an echocardiogram in just one minute, compared to the normal human examination of an echocardiogram, which takes about 30 minutes. It has the potential to dramatically shorten waiting times for heart failure diagnosis, according to researchers, who noted that this is a major reduction in clinical time. The OPERA project, a partnership between the University of Glasgow, AstraZeneca, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, and NHS Golden Jubilee, examined the efficacy of AI technology in patients with heart failure. The study's findings are the result of that collaboration. We have shown that AI can interpret echocardiogram images accurately, and given that AI can produce a report in a fraction of the time, this could really make a difference in allowing us to make early diagnosis of heart failure possible," said Dr. Ross Campbell from the University of Glasgow in response to the latest OPERA findings. Heart failure, a dangerous disorder where the heart cannot adequately pump blood throughout the body, is thought to affect more than a million individuals in the UK. According to experts, the most recent OPERA findings indicate that employing AI to decipher echocardiography pictures may enable early detection. Faster scan analysis may also help the NHS shorten wait times and ease strain on the hospital system. The results of the OPERA study show how innovative technology, including AI, has the potential to streamline the diagnosis of heart failure so that patients receive the care they need at the earliest opportunity to improve their outcomes," said Dr. Ed Piper, medical and scientific affairs director at AstraZeneca UK. The results were revealed at the ESC Conference, which took place in Amsterdam and finished on Monday.

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