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  • Sheryll Mericido

Al-Baha Region boasts rich historic architecture in villages

Al-Baha, September 03, 2023, Al-Baha Region has a rich history of historic architecture, which is seen in the villages strewn over the area. The design of the homes, castles, and forts in this area in southwest Saudi Arabia took into account the local environment, including the topography and climate, as well as social conventions and traditions of the old Arab culture. Its ancient architecture's predominant dependence on nature is one of its most distinguishing characteristics. Stones and trees from different sections of the area are utilized to construct homes, with granite, basalt, and marble frequently used for the walls and locally grown acacia, sidr, tamarisk, and wild olive wood for the roofs, wooden columns, and doors.

The main features that set Al-Baha apart are its traditional architecture and urban heritage. The Sarat region and Tihama are both rich in historical artifacts, and the Kingdom is interested in promoting summer and winter tourism to Al-Baha.

The houses in Al-Baha villages are often built near to one another, divided by winding streets, and contain a central courtyard that accommodates various living and social activities. Additionally, they are renowned for being tall and having few windows and doors.

Forts, mosques, and homes are the three main components that are frequently brought up while talking about the architectural heritage of the Al-Baha region. In the Al-Baha Region, there are more than 4,000 forts dispersed in diverse places, most of which have comparable designs and building techniques. Depending on the sizes and colors of the stones, various techniques are employed to organize the stone mosaic. As visible in guest rooms, mosques, and some balconies and canopies, wooden columns play a vital role in supporting roofs alongside walls in large spaces, all of which serve to highlight the region's rich architectural legacy.

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