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  • Ahmed Saleh

Al-Baha's Heritage Inns: A Gateway to Ancient Life

Al-Baha, May 12, 2024, Al-Baha Region historic villages boast a rich legacy of ancient architecture. From houses to castles and forts, these structures were built not just to be aesthetically pleasing, but to blend seamlessly in the environment and suit local customs.

 Among these architectural gems are the heritage inns that cater to the growing interest in experiencing traditional ways of life, providing a taste of the region's past for tourists from the Kingdom, the Gulf, and beyond.

 One of the features of these heritage inns is their deep connection with nature. Local, readily available materials like granite, basalt rocks, and juniper trees form the foundation and roofing, often adorned with decorative quartz stones. This reliance on local resources reflects a sustainable approach while maintaining a traditional aesthetic.

 Sharifa Al-Ghamdi, owner of one such heritage inn, has dedicated years to collecting pieces of the region's past. Her passion for preserving this heritage led her to transform dilapidated old houses in her village into a thriving tourist destination.

 With the support of her family, she not only fulfilled a lifelong dream but also created a space that celebrates tranquility and raises environmental consciousness. Her endeavor shows how investment in heritage can lead to a sustainable future for the region.

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