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  • Ahmed Saleh

Al-Faisalya Company organizes 2nd Taazeez promotion prize, promoting volunteer work.

Jeddah, 8th August, 2023, The 2nd edition of the Taazeez (promotion) prize is being organized by Al-Faisalya Company. The main objective of this prize is to encourage and promote volunteer work. The registration period is open from 19 Muharram to 15 Rabi II, 1445 H. The announcement of participants will take place on International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development, which is scheduled for December 5, 2023. To apply, please visit

The purpose of the award for the best volunteer initiative in the Makkah region is to promote and enhance volunteerism in alignment with Saudi Vision 2030. The objective is to recruit a total of one million volunteers.

The award will be presented in four categories in this year's edition: individuals, volunteer teams, public and private sector institutions, and educational institutions. The winners will be chosen by a jury consisting of specialists, advisors, volunteer experts, and alumni from both local and international juries. The winners are awarded valuable prizes.

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