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Al-Hilal reports Senegalese defender Kalidou Koulibaly out for two weeks due to injury

RIYADH - In a recent development, Al-Hilal, the esteemed Saudi club, has made a significant announcement regarding the absence of their talented Senegalese defender, Kalidou Koulibaly. The club revealed on Thursday that Koulibaly will be sidelined from the team's lineup for a minimum of two weeks. This unfortunate setback is the result of an injury that the defender has sustained.

In an official statement released by Al-Hilal, it was announced that Koulibaly, the esteemed football player, recently underwent a treatment session at the club's prestigious headquarters. After conducting thorough examinations, it has been determined that he is in need of a comprehensive therapeutic and rehabilitation program lasting between two to three weeks.

In a recent transfer that has caught the attention of football enthusiasts, 32-year-old Senegal captain Koulibaly has made a significant move from Chelsea to Al-Hilal. Media sources have reported that the deal, which has been estimated to be worth approximately 23 million euros (equivalent to 24.97 million dollars), has now been finalized. The impact of his absence was palpable as Al-Hilal secured a resounding 3-1 triumph over Abha in the highly-anticipated opening clash of the Saudi League.

In a disappointing turn of events, fans' anticipation for Koulibaly's much-anticipated arrival at Al-Hilal has been dampened by a setback. The talented defender, who made a notable switch from Chelsea, was expected to significantly strengthen the team's defensive prowess. Amidst a temporary setback, the unwavering spirit of Al-Hilal supporters persists, as they maintain hope for a rapid recovery and eagerly anticipate his imminent return to the hallowed grounds of the pitch.

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