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Al-Hilal signs Hassan Tambakti for 4-year deal

In a much-anticipated move, Al-Hilal Football Club has made an official announcement regarding the acquisition of talented defender Hassan Tambakti from Al-Shabab. The signing comes as part of a significant contract that will see Tambakti donning the Al-Hilal jersey for the next four seasons. This strategic move by Al-Hilal aims to bolster their defensive lineup and strengthen their chances of success in the upcoming seasons.

In a highly contested transfer battle, Tambakti has officially signed with Al-Hilal, beating out fierce competition from several prominent clubs, namely Al-Nassr, Al-Ahli, and Al-Ittihad.

In a recent development, the official account of the club, previously recognized as Twitter, took to X to unveil a captivating video clip showcasing the highly anticipated signing. During the video, Tambakti made a revealing statement, stating, "Ultimately, I identify myself as a Hilali."

In a momentous occasion witnessed by esteemed individuals, Khaled Al-Thunayan, the President of Al-Shabab, and Fahad bin Nafel, the President of Al-Hilal, jointly made the official announcement in the early hours of Monday. In a significant financial agreement, the deal has been finalized at an estimated value of SR138 million.

In a recent development, insiders have revealed that Al-Hilal, a prominent football club, has reportedly struck a deal involving a substantial cash payment of approximately SR60 million. As part of this agreement, the club has also made the decision to relinquish the rights of three players, with one of them being the talented Hamad Al-Yami. The identities of the remaining two players were kept undisclosed. In a noteworthy development, it has come to light that the deal value involving Colombian player Cuéllar has been subject to a deduction due to outstanding dues.

Al-Hilal's defense line is set to receive a substantial boost with the signing of a promising 24-year-old player. The contract, which has been finalized, is expected to strengthen the team's defensive capabilities, capitalizing on the player's notable potential.

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