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  • Ahmed Saleh

Al-Ittihad Club establishes new sports committee for football operations

JEDDAH — In a move aimed at strengthening its football operations, Al-Ittihad Club made a significant announcement early Saturday regarding the establishment of a new sports committee.

The decision, which received approval from the board of directors, marks a pivotal moment for the club. The newly formed committee comprises three prominent members and is entrusted with broad sporting and financial authorities, enabling it to operate independently.

This initiative is poised to bring about substantial changes in the club's approach to crucial sports decision-making and the day-to-day management of football activities, including player transfers.

Leading the committee is Domingos Oliveira, CEO of ICC, alongside Sporting Director Ramon Planes and Technical Coach Marcelo Gallardo. Their combined wealth of experience and shared vision is anticipated to propel the club to greater heights within the fiercely competitive sports landscape.

Oliveira emphasized the significance of the committee's formation, highlighting it as a watershed moment in the club's pursuit of sporting excellence.

"The establishment of the Sporting Committee represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance our sporting endeavors," Oliveira remarked.

He underscored the committee's pivotal role in reinforcing the club's commitment to excellence and innovation across all organizational facets.

With its strategic focus and operational autonomy, the Sporting Committee is poised to redefine the future trajectory of ICC football. It is expected to ensure strategic alignment, operational efficiency, and sustained success, both on the field and within the broader organizational context.

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