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Al-Ittihad denies Benzema-Nuno differences

In a statement released on Wednesday, the management of Al-Ittihad vehemently denied the existence of any alleged disagreement between French forward Karim Benzema and the club's esteemed Portuguese coach, Nuno Santo.

According to a report by Al-Sharq Al-Awsat daily, there have been indications from informed sources that coach Nuno Santo and Benzema hold differing viewpoints on the playing style that best suits the latter. According to sources within the club, a notable divergence arose between Benzema and the team, which encompassed his insistence on being granted the captaincy. This revelation was reported by the newspaper.

In a recent development, the management of Al-Ittihad has come forward to provide clarification regarding the captaincy situation involving Benzema. Contrary to earlier reports, it has been revealed that the talented player never made any request to hold the prestigious position. Furthermore, the management emphasized that Benzema shares an exceptionally positive and ideal relationship with the team's coach. These statements shed new light on the situation, offering a different perspective on the matter.

The official account of the renowned club on the social media platform "X" (previously known as Twitter) has taken to sharing a series of captivating photographs. These images, posted on Wednesday, capture the charismatic French star in a state of sheer delight as he engages in jovial interactions with his fellow teammates.

In a stunning turn of events, Karim Benzema, the star striker for Al-Ittihad, has encountered a setback in his goal-scoring prowess. After an impressive display in the first three matches of the Arab Clubs Championship group stage, where he found the back of the net with remarkable consistency, Benzema's scoring spree came to an abrupt halt during a crucial encounter against their fierce local rivals, Al-Hilal. Despite the unwavering support from the passionate fans, the renowned forward was unable to add to his goal tally, leaving both the team and supporters disappointed.

The French forward encountered challenges in his quest to score goals during the victories over Al-Raed and Al-Taee as he embarked on his mission to retain the league championship.

In a move that left fans buzzing with excitement, the club took to its social media platforms to unveil a captivating video clip featuring the enigmatic French player. In the brief footage, the player can be seen in a state of utter relaxation, exuding an infectious smile while playfully winking at the camera. The club's strategic use of social media has undoubtedly left supporters eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for this talented individual. In a captivating turn of events, a series of photographs have emerged, showcasing none other than the esteemed Benzema in the midst of his team's rigorous training session. Among these captivating snapshots, one particular image has caught the attention of avid spectators, as it portrays the French footballer engaged in a conversation with none other than the Portuguese coach himself.

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