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  • Ahmed Saleh

Al Madinah Region Development Authority launches Madinah Bus Project, benefiting thousands

Madinah, March 22, 2024, The "Madinah Bus Project," under the supervision of the Al Madinah Region Development Authority, has successfully launched shuttle transport services between the Prophet's Mosque and the Quba Mosque, benefiting over 225,000 individuals during the initial ten days of Ramadan.

Operating from 3 pm until one hour after the Tarawih prayer, this shuttle service facilitates seamless travel for pilgrims and visitors between these significant religious sites.

Previously, the Al Madinah Region Development Authority had announced the transportation of individuals from seven different locations to the Prophet's Mosque. These locations include the Sports Stadium, Durrat Al-Madinah, Sayed Alshuhda, the Islamic University, AlKhaldiha neighborhood, and Bani Harithah, ensuring convenient access for worshippers and enhancing their overall experience during this sacred time.

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