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  • Ahmed Saleh

Al Mukaisir, Al-Nakhira, and Umm Al-Tien valleys in Al-Wajh Governorate host umbrella thorn acacias, crucial for Talah honey production

Al-Wajh, January 29, 2024, The valleys of Al Mukaisir, Al-Nakhira, and Umm Al-Tien in Al-Wajh Governorate are home to umbrella thorn acacias (Acacia tortilis), contributing significantly to the environment and serving as a rich source of nectar for the production of the finest Talah honey.

According to Tariq Al-Hussein, the head of the Green Tabuk Association, the umbrella thorn acacia plays a crucial role in biodiversity. Thriving in valleys and their surroundings, this resilient tree can endure extended periods of drought and typically grows to around 7 meters in height, forming a distinctive circular shape with multiple horizontal branches.

The leaves and fruits of the umbrella thorn acacia are valuable food sources for camels and sheep. In the past, its branches were used for building roofs, and it served as low-smoke firewood. Unfortunately, the tree is currently endangered due to factors such as floods and strong winds.

Al-Hussein commended the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification for its efforts in preserving umbrella thorn acacia trees. The center collaborates with relevant sectors to expand the areas planted with these trees, which are crucial to the Kingdom's natural environment.

Despite their resilience to drought and extreme temperatures, excessive logging has led to a rapid decline in umbrella thorn acacia populations, contributing to desertification, soil erosion, and increased sand encroachment. Al-Hussein emphasized the importance of society's engagement in preserving these trees by avoiding logging and adopting modern alternatives for cooking and heating to achieve environmental sustainability. The Kingdom is dedicated to revitalizing the environment and safeguarding endangered plants from extinction.

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