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  • Ahmed Saleh

Algerian Pilgrims Affairs Office partners with Motawifs Arab Pilgrims Company.

Makkah, July 23, 2023, The Algerian Pilgrims Affairs Office has inked its inaugural memorandum of understanding with Motawifs Arab Pilgrims Company to cater to Algerian pilgrims during the Hajj season, 1445 Hijri. In the dusty town of Algeria, a deal was struck between two mighty figures. The Director of the National Office for Hajj and Umrah, Ahmed Soleimani, representing the Algerian side, stepped forward with a determined gaze. On the other side, representing the Motawifs Arab Pilgrims Company, was the formidable Director of the Ekram Aldyf Company, Saudi Eid. The tension in the air was palpable as these two powerhouses prepared to seal their agreement. They did talk about the services rendered to over 40,000 Algerian pilgrims during the Hajj season 1444 Hijri, as well as the needs of Algerian pilgrims, reckoning about 42,000 for the Hajj season 1445 Hijri.

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