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  • Ahmed Saleh

Aljabr Trading Company holds test drives with Kia at various sites

In collaboration with significant organizations in several sectors, including the educational sector, Aljabr Trading Company, dealers of Kia automobiles, continued to hold test drives at a number of significant sites. On the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals campus in Dhahran, the company recently held a 5-day integrated program for test drives of KIA vehicles (Sportage, Carnival, Sorento, and K5). During this time, faculty and students learned about the wonderful Kia vehicles and tested them while being accompanied by company experts who oversaw the test drives and answered any questions about the vehicles. The Al Jabr team also talked about how to buy cars using the various financing options that the company offers its clients, as well as the standout deals it regularly offers on sales, maintenance, and replacement parts.

Mr. Wail Baghdadi, Chief Operating Officer at Al Jabr Trading Company, commented on these driving tests by saying: "Our strategy to introduce the new Kia vehicles through direct interaction with our customers determines our focus on it. We have full confidence in Kia vehicles and their ability to attract attention with their charming appearance and distinctive performance. One of our strategies is to arrange test drives at places where there are plenty of people, like malls and entertainment venues, or at official locations.

He emphasized that the business will maintain this strategy and broaden its application in the upcoming term, particularly in light of the positive feedback obtained from the participants in the test-drive programs that have already been put in place.

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