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  • Ahmed Saleh

Aljabr Trading expands Lynk & Co's presence in Saudi with Jeddah showroom

As part of Aljabr Trading Company's expansion strategy for Lynk & Co in Saudi Arabia, the main showroom in Jeddah was officially opened. The strategic location on Medina Road, a prominent area in Jeddah, aims to enhance Lynk & Co's presence in the premium automotive segment. The showroom, equipped with impressive displays, allows customers to explore Lynk & Co's advanced features, supported by a knowledgeable sales consultant team. Lynk & Co, known for its quality and design excellence, entered the Saudi market in 2022 under Aljabr Trading Company's dealership. Managing Director Abdulsalam Aljabr highlighted ongoing efforts to establish a comprehensive infrastructure, including showrooms, maintenance centers, and spare parts services, to provide an exceptional customer experience. Aljabr expressed confidence in Lynk & Co's potential to redefine luxury vehicles in Saudi Arabia, emphasizing meticulous attention to design details, the use of cutting-edge technologies, and outstanding performance across all aspects.

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