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  • Ahmed Saleh

Alqan village in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, transforms into a snowy landscape, attracting tourists

Tabuk, January 29, 2024, As temperatures drop during this season, the village of Alqan in the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia transforms into a picturesque landscape with accumulating snow, creating a stunning view that attracts tourists and photography enthusiasts alike.

Known for being one of the coldest areas in Tabuk, Alqan becomes a magnet for visitors seeking to set up camps and enjoy the cold weather. The unique mountainous relief, combined with the reddish sand and towering mountains, provides a breathtaking backdrop for those exploring the village.

The Saudi Press Agency captured the beauty of Alqan through its lens, showcasing the snowy landscape and the natural charm of the area. Visitors and tourists, both local and from afar, are drawn to Alqan, creating an atmosphere of outdoor adventure and recreational activities.

Saad Alanzi, one of the visitors, expressed his appreciation for Alqan, highlighting it as one of their favorite places for hiking and spending quality time with family, especially during weekends. The moderate daytime weather allows for various activities and sports, while the colder evenings provide an opportunity to set up tents, gather around a fire, and share stories.

Abdul Ilah Al-Nasser, another visitor, emphasized the fun and connection with nature that camping in Alqan brings, particularly in the cold evenings. He encouraged people to visit the village, witness its beauty, explore its natural wonders, and create memorable experiences. Alqan's snowy landscape adds a touch of magic to the region, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking outdoor adventures and a connection with nature.

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