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  • Ahmed Saleh

AlUla Citrus Festival boosts local farmers, showcasing and marketing diverse crops

AlUla, January 14, 2024, The AlUla Citrus Festival, held in the cultural oasis of AlUla, plays a crucial role in supporting local farmers by providing them with a platform to showcase and market their diverse crops. This initiative not only promotes economic growth but also highlights the rich agricultural offerings of the region.

During the festival, farmers benefit from social media marketing and other dedicated platforms to effectively promote their produce. This approach has proven successful in generating significant interest among festival attendees, who come from various countries to experience the unique flavors of AlUla's citrus fruits.

The Royal Commission for AlUla is committed to driving economic growth through community initiatives such as the Citrus Festival and other development projects. With over 4,700 farms in AlUla boasting more than 200,000 citrus trees that yield thousands of tons of fruits each season, the festival becomes a focal point for celebrating the region's agricultural abundance.

Recognizing the agricultural sector as a key driver for economic opportunities and increased competitiveness among producers, the commission places significant emphasis on agricultural development. This aligns with the broader goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, aiming to create more opportunities for the local community and support the overall economic growth of the region. The AlUla Citrus Festival serves as a testament to the commitment to sustainable agricultural practices and the promotion of the region's unique offerings on a global stage.

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