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  • Ahmed Saleh

AlUla Dates Festival auction breaks records, exceeding SAR 6 million in four weeks

AlUla, October 01, 2023, The AlUla Dates Festival auction has achieved record-breaking sales, surpassing SAR 6 million within its first four weeks. This remarkable accomplishment stems from the sale of over 500,000 tons of various high-quality dates featured in the auction.

These figures are derived from auction data that showcases a diverse range of premium dates. The fourth edition of the festival, organized by the Royal Commission for AlUla under the theme "Taste our pride," aims to provide a cultural experience while contributing to economic development through the agricultural sector. The event is scheduled to take place every Friday and Saturday until November 11.

In conjunction with the festival, the AlUla Auction Award for Dates 2023 is being held for participating farmers. The first-place winner will receive SAR 75,000, the second-place winner will be awarded SAR 50,000, and the third-place winner will receive SAR 30,000. The selection of winners will be based on specific criteria related to the quantity and value of sales, with the Royal Commission and its partners, including the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the National Center for Palms and Dates, and the Agricultural Development Fund, making the final decisions.

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