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  • Ahmed Saleh

AlUla Falcon Cup utilizes advanced technology to confirm falcon competition results

AlUla, December 31, 2023, The AlUla Falcon Cup has employed cutting-edge technologies to confirm the winning results of the participating falcons in the Al-Melwah competition. The competition uses two technological systems: the main laser system and the backup camera system, which measure fractions of a second with precision.

Experts in calculating times and distances, Saudi Rajeh Al-Jehni and Italian Francesco Driego, highlighted the advanced nature of the two systems, noting that they have been previously tested in long-distance running races and Formula One circuits, demonstrating their effectiveness and accuracy. The systems measure the speed of falcons in the air while covering 400 meters in the AlUla Falcon Cup, organized by the Saudi Falcons Club in collaboration with the Royal Commission for AlUla, with awards totaling up to SAR 60 million.

The main system relies on a laser installed at the start and finish points. As the falcon takes flight and passes the first measurement device, the system begins calculating time and speed. Upon reaching the finish line, the result is immediately recorded, displaying the falcon's data on the screen, its competition number, and its ranking among the participating falcons. The backup system uses cameras to calculate the speed and time of the falcon at the finish line, cross-verified with the main system's results. In most cases, the results are final, with rare instances requiring falcons to retake the race at the committee's discretion. These technological advancements enhance the accuracy and fairness of the AlUla Falcon Cup competitions.

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