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AlUla Immersive in Dubai showcases AlUla Moments, landscapes, history

AlUla, August 29, 2023, An unprecedented first-of-its-kind activation called "AlUla Immersive" took place at the Theater of Digital Art on August 24 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, bringing the vibrancy and thrill of AlUla Moments as well as AlUla's amazing landscapes and rich history to life. The immersive experience, which was open to the public for free, not only displayed the lineup of events and festivals for AlUla Moments, but also took visitors on a sensory 360-degree tour of some of AlUla's most captivating landscapes. AlUla Moments events and festivals commemorate Saudi Arabia's rich history, reveal its distinctive stories, and promote cultural exchange between Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region and throughout the world. They include art, wellness, heritage, adventure, sport, music, cuisine, and immersive cultural experiences. In order to heighten anticipation for the next AZIMUTH music festival, visitors were given a sneak peek into the schedule and dates for events scheduled for 2023–2024 at "AlUla Immersive". This was done against the backdrop of dynamic interactive visuals and performances by local DJs powered by MDLBEAST. Director of Marketing and Destination Management at The Royal Commission for AlUla "We are thrilled to present our AlUla Moments calendar and showcase the rich tapestry of authentic experiences coming up this year and next," Rami Al Mouallim said. Our varied offers further solidify AlUla's reputation as a premier year-round travel destination where guests are enthralled by breathtaking scenery, rich history, and a thriving arts and culture environment. AlUla is quickly reclaiming its status as the thriving center for imaginative and immersive interactions that it was thousands of years ago, he continued. The forthcoming season at AlUla offers a transforming experience that will leave a lasting effect on every guest, from historic wonders to modern festivals and activities. According to a press statement from the Royal Commission for AlUla, AlUla Moments aims to deliver experiences that are even more spectacular than before, building on the popularity and success of earlier editions. A notable event that is a "must attend" is AZIMUTH, a well-known music and entertainment extravaganza that launches the new season on September 21, the same day as Saudi National Day. After AZIMUTH, the AlUla health Festival will run from October 19 to November 5, bringing together top yoga, meditation, and other experts with local talent to create a much-anticipated, all-encompassing health event. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes are among the sensory-based wellness experiences offered by Sanctuary Five once again, and they are available every day from 7 am to 7 p.m. throughout the festival. Visitors can benefit from world-class professionals' expertise in art therapy, Ayurveda, and sound healing, as well as motivational presentations with top authorities in their disciplines, such as Anas Bukhash and Hala Kazim. Eco-gardening and volunteerism activities are available as part of the 2023 event agenda, giving visitors the chance to see nature up close. According to the press release, the festival will refresh and nourish minds and bodies since it will provide an opportunity for people to engage with nature through culture, art, and music. The second iteration of the Ancient Kingdoms Festival, which takes place from November 17 to December 3, features wonder-filled and enlightening adventures motivated by the ancient world. The varied events will offer a trip through time that is informed by history and created to delight, ranging from family-friendly hands-on activities to immersive experiences that take place after dark. Hegra, the famous archaeological site at the center of the Incense Road, will serve as the focal point of celebrations in the upcoming edition as it marks 15 years as Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Special concerts, cutting-edge tours, and creative discovery initiatives will be held in this ancient heartland. Winter at Tantora, which combines music, art, sports, and cultural events, is back as the original festival. From December 21 to January 21, there will be four themed weekends of authentic AlUla celebrations that will let guests experience the glories of AlUla through geological marvels, hypnotic arts, dreamy music, and cutting-edge fashion. One of the highlights of winter in Tantora is the Citrus Festival, which takes place at the height of the harvest season. Other highlights include high-profile sporting events like the legendary AlUla Trail Race and a high-fashion show. The Richard Mille AlUla Desert Polo, one of the most exclusive, thrilling, and visually stunning annual events to take place in Saudi Arabia, returns to AlUla from January 17 to 20, according to a press release. International teams like St. Tropez and La Dolfina will demonstrate their impeccable equestrian skills against the stunning backdrop of desert mountains and lush oases. The press statement said, "AlUla's desert polo is an evolution of one of the oldest sports in the world, delivering unbridled luxury along with pure sporting theater on AlUla's ancient sands." AlUla Arts Festival will once again welcome art enthusiasts from all over the world in 2024 to engage with the vibrant, creative spirit of AlUla, which has its origins in antiquity and continues today. The festival, which will take place from February 8 to March 2, 2024, will envelop attendees in a vivacious celebration of modern visual and public art, design, selected film, art tours, and artist residencies. There will be practical classes on crafts including palm weaving, ceramics, jewelry, 3D buildings, textiles, and much more at AlUla's mixed-use creative hub, Madrasat Addeera. For its third iteration in 2024, the renowned international art show Desert X AlUla will enthrall viewers with its massive site-responsive installations set against AlUla's breathtaking setting. In addition, during the AlUla Arts Festival 2024, a brand-new contemporary art show created especially for Maraya will debut. Arts and culture aficionados should mark February as a month of must-not-miss dates in AlUla because additional activities in the arts are still to be announced. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup, a renowned fixture on the international equestrian calendar, will host the world's top endurance riders in AlUla for the fifth time in February 2024 as they participate in this fiercely contested 120-km equestrian challenge. The AlUla Skies Festival extends the winter season and offers guests a singular opportunity to take in AlUla's breathtaking surroundings. Fans can take part in activities like hot air balloon rides, helicopter tours, drone shows, stargazing, and much more to experience the sky of the historic city of Saudi Arabia. With its inaugural competition in March 2023, the AlUla Camel Cup raised the bar for camel racing in the area. The event, which is currently regarded as the highlight of the Saudi Arabian camel racing season, will return in April 2024 with a specially constructed arena featuring authentic entertainment, retail, and dining from AlUla and a crowd of fashionistas to witness the excitement. The second iteration of Desert Blaze, which will take place in sweltering temperatures of up to 42°C (107°F), promises to be a challenge like no other for both adventurers and athletes. The event, which offers a variety of races across distances of 5 km, 10 km, 21 km, and 42 km, offers routes that meander through Al Ula's timeless old ruins and enormous sandstone gorges. This extraordinary opportunity guarantees not just a physical challenge but also an amazing tour through nature and history. AlUla Moments offers a season of incredible experiences and the possibility to create priceless memories, with further details to be disclosed in due course. Please visit for further details.

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