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  • Ahmed Saleh

Arab academics discuss digital education future at conference.

Jeddah, August 28, 2023, A group of academics from both public and private universities and colleges in the Arab world attended the fourth international conference on the future of digital education in the Arab world, which came to an end yesterday in Jeddah. The final conference session focused on how artificial intelligence (AI) could affect Arab education in the future and how cybersecurity and digital citizenship are becoming more and more intertwined. The conference was eager to include research in its scientific sessions on how to improve the academic preparation of teachers from a digital perspective, the role of AI and its numerous applications in the future of education, and how to use it to give the highest-quality information. In order to address the possible threats of AI, the conference also touched on the significance of collective commitment to security, inclusivity, and accountability in the digital world. Numerous suggestions were given during the scientific conference sessions, including the necessity of utilizing cutting-edge technologies and the contribution of AI to cybersecurity. The proposals also touched on the significance of improving cognitive perception and the abilities and resources used in digital educational institutions. The recommendations also included enacting academic legislation and laws that govern the digital sphere, kicking off cybersecurity awareness and education initiatives, working to cultivate students' skills in digital education tools, and safeguarding intellectual property in the digital academic community.

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