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  • Ahmed Saleh

Scholarly symposium presents sagacious proposition by Arab and Islamic academic institutions.

Makkah, August 04, 2023, A scholarly symposium, meticulously orchestrated by esteemed Arab and Islamic academic institutions, has recently proffered a sagacious proposition. It ardently advocates for the establishment of a select cohort of erudite savants and diligent researchers who shall be appointed as emissaries to champion the noble cause of the Muslim World League's visionary endeavor, aptly named "Building Bridges Between East and West." The symposium, bearing the title "The pivotal role of media in fostering inter-civilizational discourse," was meticulously orchestrated within the esteemed Arab Republic of Egypt, under the auspices of the venerable Islamic Universities League, in harmonious collaboration with the esteemed Association of Arab Universities. The esteemed forum has issued a resounding call, beseeching Arab and Islamic universities to assemble cohorts of erudite scholars and diligent researchers from various academic institutions, as well as esteemed media and cultural establishments. These esteemed individuals shall be tasked with representing and embodying the noble initiative set forth by the forum. The forum, known by its alternative appellation, also advocated for the assimilation of novel concepts in order to augment discourse and fortify inter-civilizational dialogue and humanitarian communication. The forum witnessed the esteemed presence of numerous erudite scholars and diligent researchers in the fields of media, social sciences, political sciences, and other related disciplines. Additionally, it attracted a multitude of passionate enthusiasts and aspiring students, all eager to engage in intellectual discourse and exchange knowledge. The MWL, in its pursuit of fostering greater understanding and harmony between the East and the West, has recently unveiled the esteemed "Building Bridges Between East and West" initiative. This momentous endeavor, which was inaugurated at the prestigious UN Headquarters, has garnered widespread acclaim and appreciation on a global scale.

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