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  • Ahmed Saleh

Arab League Hosts Second High-Level Workshop on "Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability"

Cairo, In a significant initiative, the Secretariat-General of the Arab League, based in Cairo, orchestrated the second high-level workshop for the Regional Working Group under the theme "Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability." This event is an integral part of the Arab Digital Platform for Sustainable Development and witnessed the active participation of 12 Arab states along with 12 specialized organizations from the Arab region.

Representing the Kingdom, Abdulrahman Habib, Deputy Chief Strategy Officer at the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), played a key role in the workshop's discussions.

In her opening address, Nada El Agizy, Director of the Sustainable Development and International Cooperation Department at the Arab League, highlighted the workshop's focus on addressing several pivotal topics. Among these, the roles of smart tourism, applications of artificial intelligence, and smart transportation took center stage. The discussions aimed at exploring how these elements can contribute to achieving the ambitious 2030 sustainable development goals in the Arab region.

The workshop provided a platform for collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange, bringing together representatives from various Arab states and specialized organizations. The event served as a testament to the commitment of the Arab League in harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to foster sustainability across diverse sectors.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, forums like these play a crucial role in shaping regional strategies and initiatives. The active involvement of Abdulrahman Habib from SDAIA exemplifies the dedication of key stakeholders, such as governmental bodies and specialized agencies, in driving the adoption of artificial intelligence for sustainable development.

Overall, the second high-level workshop on "Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability" organized by the Arab League's Secretariat-General marks a significant step forward in the region's efforts to leverage technology for a more sustainable future. The discussions held and collaborations formed during this event are expected to pave the way for innovative solutions that align with the 2030 sustainable development goals in the Arab world.

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