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  • Ahmed Saleh

Arab Parliament's special session on Palestine begins in Cairo

Cairo, December 28, 2023, The special session of the Arab Parliament focusing on Palestine, titled "Supporting Palestine and Gaza," commenced today at the headquarters of the Arab League's General Secretariat in Cairo. Presided over by Arab Parliament Speaker Adel Al-Asoomi, the session saw the participation of a delegation from the Shura Council and various other prominent figures from Arab parliamentary bodies.

The primary agenda of the session revolves around addressing the latest developments in the conflict in Gaza, the alarming escalation of tensions in the West Bank, and the repercussions of Israeli aggression on Gaza. The overarching goal is to extend support to the Palestinian people and advocate for an immediate cessation of the genocidal warfare being conducted by Israeli occupying forces in both Gaza and the West Bank.

The convening of this special session underscores the Arab Parliament's commitment to actively engage with and respond to the critical issues and challenges faced by the Palestinian territories. The discussions are expected to delve into diplomatic, humanitarian, and political strategies to alleviate the plight of the Palestinian people and seek avenues for a just and lasting resolution to the ongoing conflict. As the international community closely watches developments in the region, the Arab Parliament aims to contribute to efforts that promote peace, stability, and justice in the Palestinian territories.

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