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  • Ahmed Saleh

Arab Parliament welcomes ICJ's recent provisional measures

Cairo, January 27, 2024, The Arab Parliament (AP) has extended a warm welcome to the provisional measures recently issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ). These measures hold Israel, recognized as the occupying power, accountable for the alleged genocide committed in the Gaza Strip. The ICJ's directives aim to provide protection for Palestinians in Gaza and ensure the immediate fulfillment of urgent humanitarian needs in the region.

In a statement released today, the Arab Parliament emphasized the critical link between the provisional measures and the necessity for a ceasefire. It asserted that no interim measures can be effectively implemented without first achieving a cessation of hostilities. The AP highlighted that, given the alleged genocidal practices by the occupying power in Gaza, the ICJ should have also called for an immediate ceasefire to address the urgent humanitarian situation.

The Arab Parliament called upon the international community to compel Israel, the occupying power, to promptly execute all measures outlined by the ICJ. Additionally, it urged the UN Security Council to fulfill its legal and political responsibilities by enforcing the implementation of these measures, which have been approved by the highest judicial body in the world.

Expressing gratitude, the parliament acknowledged and thanked South Africa and the countries that supported its plea before the ICJ. It credited their efforts for contributing to the victory in securing the rights of the Palestinian people. This acknowledgment reflects the Arab Parliament's recognition of international cooperation in advocating for justice and the protection of human rights in the face of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip.

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