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  • Ahmed Saleh

Arab Parliament welcomes Venezuela's decision to increase diplomatic representation in Palestine

In a significant development, the Arab Parliament has expressed its warm welcome towards the Republic of Venezuela's recent decision to elevate its diplomatic representation in Palestine. The South American nation has upgraded its existing representative office to the esteemed status of an embassy, signaling a strengthened commitment to fostering bilateral relations with Palestine. This decision has been met with appreciation and support from the Arab Parliament, highlighting the growing solidarity between Venezuela and Palestine. The Arab Parliament issued a statement today commending Venezuela for its unwavering support of the Palestinian state and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. The pan-Arab legislature has praised Venezuela's recent decision, viewing it as a significant milestone in the country's ongoing support for the Palestinian people and their rightful cause. This move by Venezuela follows its recognition of the Palestinian state back in 2009, further solidifying its commitment to the Palestinian cause.

The Arab Parliament has expressed its support for Venezuela's recent decision, viewing it as a significant step towards the establishment of an autonomous Palestinian state with Jerusalem serving as its capital. This move is particularly noteworthy in light of the relentless acts of aggression perpetrated by the occupying authorities and settlers against the Palestinian population. In a significant development, the parliament has emphasized the Venezuelan move as a clear signal of the shifting stance within the international community regarding the resolution of the occupation and the establishment of a Palestinian state. Urging nations across the globe to follow suit, the parliament underscores the importance of supporting the lawful rights of the Palestinian people.

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