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  • Ahmed Saleh

Arab Women Organization Director General emphasizes equal opportunities in political engagement

Cairo, August 15, 2023, In a recent statement, Dr. Fadia Kiwan, the Director General of the Arab Women Organization, underscored the significance of ensuring equal opportunities for both genders in political engagement. Dr. Kiwan emphasized the fundamental right for men and women alike to partake in various aspects of political participation, such as running for elections, casting votes, and actively participating in electoral observation missions. In her opening speech at the 2nd training course on general election observation, conducted through the utilization of Zoom technology, she delivered these remarks. In a recent statement, Dr. Kiwan, an esteemed expert in the field, emphasized the primary objective of the training course, which is to enhance democratic practices specifically in the context of general elections. In a notable revelation, she emphasized that the organization has successfully shifted its focus from theoretical training to real-world application.

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