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  • Ahmed Saleh

Arabian horse show in the Hira Cultural District, Makkah, draws a diverse audience

Makkah, January 28, 2024, The launch of the Arabian horse show in Hira Cultural District, Makkah, at the onset of winter nights has garnered significant attention from a diverse audience, including citizens, residents, and visitors to the holy mosque. The event features a showcase of local champion purebred Arabian horses, a spectacle that resonates deeply with attendees as horses hold a vital place in Saudi culture.

The Arabian horse show serves as a platform to highlight the art of horse taming, the versatile uses of horses, their purebred features, and proper horse handling techniques. The audience is treated to a captivating display of the horses' remarkable moves and the melodious sounds of their neighing.

A team of experts in purebred Arabian horses leads the presentation, offering insights into the beauty of these horses, their care, and the various ways in which they are intricately connected to Arab culture. The show not only entertains but also educates, fostering an appreciation for the rich heritage surrounding Arabian horses.

Hira Cultural District, situated at the foothill of Hira Mountain, holds a special place as an archaeological landmark in Islamic history. It has become a distinguished destination for various visitors who seek to experience the unique features of this historical location. The district ensures the comfort and enjoyment of its visitors by providing excellent services, making the overall experience both comfortable and memorable. The Arabian horse show, set against the backdrop of Hira Cultural District, adds another layer of cultural richness to the offerings of this historical and revered location in Makkah.

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