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  • Ahmed Saleh

Aramco and Linde Engineering have partnered to jointly develop a new ammonia cracking technology

Aramco, one of the top integrated energy and chemicals corporations in the world, and Linde Engineering, a pioneer in the production and processing of gases globally, have signed an agreement to jointly develop a new ammonia cracking technology. With this partnership, Linde Engineering and Aramco will combine their expertise and resources in industrial research and development, lower-carbon hydrogen, and ammonia cracking technology.

The ammonia cracking catalyst, which Aramco and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) collaboratively developed, will be compared to other catalysts as a possible differentiator for this new technology.

Aramco and Linde Engineering intend to use this deal to construct a demonstration plant in northern Germany to display this revolutionary ammonia cracking technology. In order to open up new business prospects within the global supply chain for lower-carbon energy, Linde Engineering plans to make this ammonia cracking technology available to both current and potential clients. In order to close the gap between a nation's domestic renewable energy production capacity and total energy consumption, the burgeoning lower-carbon ammonia industry may prove crucial.

"This agreement is part of our ongoing technology and business development efforts to establish a commercially viable lower-carbon hydrogen supply chain," said Ahmad Al-Khowaiter, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Aramco. We are confident that the cutting-edge ammonia cracking technology we are co-developing with Linde Engineering will be crucial to achieving our goals.

The pressing need for decarbonization around the world is supported by effective ammonia cracking technology, according to John van der Velden, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Technology at Linde Engineering. Cleaner energy can be transported from areas with great potential for renewable and clean energy to those with more restricted resources by closing the gap in the export chain. As we work together with Aramco to develop and market this significant technology, new business prospects will open up for both Linde Engineering and Aramco.

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