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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ash Shafa: A Natural Gem in the Makkah Region

Nestled in the governorate of Taif in the Makkah Region, Ash Shafa stands as a testament to the remarkable geographical diversity found in western Saudi Arabia. Situated atop the Sarawat Mountains, this village boasts lush valleys and vibrant greenery, creating a captivating environment that appeals to both locals and visitors.

Ash Shafa's unique setting positions it as a hub for adventure-based, sustainable, and eco-friendly tourism, offering unparalleled experiences for nature enthusiasts. The village's elevated location symbolizes the expansive horizons embraced by the rural tourism strategy, showcasing the vast potential, diverse natural resources, and enchanting beauty that Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Renowned for its varied topography, from majestic mountains to highlands adorned with water channels and springs, Ash Shafa attracts travelers with its rainy mountainous climate. The consistently pleasant temperatures year-round add to the allure of this fertile mountainous region.

The tourism sector in Ash Shafa significantly contributes to the economic development of the Taif governorate. Several tourism projects, including hotels, resorts, and integrated residential complexes seamlessly blending with the environment, have been implemented, further promoting rural development in this picturesque village.

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