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  • Sheryll Mericido

Audi AI:CON to be unveiled in Dubai by Audi Middle East

  • The Audi AI:CON succeeds in its main goal of providing the highest level of comfort, cutting-edge communication, and complete freedom throughout lengthy journeys.

  • Elegant, aerodynamic, and innovative external designs combine to create something striking.

  • On every journey, powerful performance capabilities create thrilling driving experiences.

The eagerly awaited Audi AI:CON will be unveiled at the Museum of the Future in Dubai by Audi Middle East. The pinnacle of autonomous luxury sedans of the future is the ground-breaking design study and technology demonstrator known as the Audi AI:CON. The AI:CON redefines automotive engineering with its ground-breaking features and unmatched creativity, and it brilliantly demonstrates Audi's dedication to influencing the future of mobility.

Following the AI:RACE and S1 Hoonitron, the AI:CON is the third and most recent in a prestigious lineup of iconic models and concept automobiles presented at the Museum of the Future by Audi earlier this year. In its second year, this partnership between Audi Middle East and the Museum of the Future seeks to captivate visitors with a collection of innovative Audi concept cars that offer a peek into the near future of mobility. Later this year, further prototypes and concept automobiles are planned to be unveiled, further enhancing the success of the relationship.

The Audi AI:CON brilliantly captures Audi's dedication to pushing limits with its focus on fusing design, technology, and mobility. The four-door 2+2 luxury car makes a dramatic statement with its clean lines and unbroken surfaces, showcasing the exterior and interior design of the upcoming decades. With its distinctive inverted hexagonal single-frame grille, the external design gives off a sporty, futuristic vibe. Fully digital display surfaces made of hundreds of triangular pixel segments stand in for the absence of traditional headlights and lighting units to produce flexible visuals and animations.

Passengers are welcomed into the AI:CON in a roomy, lavish cabin. There is a feeling of openness and vastness because there isn't a standard dashboard or steering wheel. The interior has light-colored, pillow-like fabric pieces and a lounge chair-inspired construction. Each passenger's own preferences are taken into account with the use of touch-sensitive control panels and illuminated lines of LEDs. With the use of sophisticated control interfaces and networking choices, passengers can work, interact, or unwind while traveling.

The Audi AI:CON conceals a potent electric drivetrain with four electric motors in the front and rear axles beneath its svelte design. These motors enable electronically controlled, variable quattro all-wheel drive with a combined power output of 260 kW and 550 Nm. With a focus on lightweight design and enhanced aerodynamics, the AI:CON prioritizes economy and range, resulting in a phenomenal range of 700–800 kilometers on a single charge. Additionally, the battery can be charged quickly—80% of its capacity may be reached in less than 30 minutes—thanks to the high-voltage system with 800 volts.

A full selection of contemporary communication and entertainment services is available with the Audi AI:CON. Movies, web browsing, video conferences, and social media participation are all available to passengers. They can use the enormous front display or a virtual head-up image on the windshield, depending on where they are seated. Glass roof panels with integrated OLED lighting enable precise interior illumination and mood lighting, and they can block sunlight and change transparency with electric power. The Audi AI:CON offers a higher level of mobility, enabling occupants to conduct business, converse with others, unwind, and even take naps as the vehicle securely and autonomously navigates.

The introduction of the AI:CON to the Middle East marks a significant milestone for both Audi and the area, according to Elmir Arnautovic, Director of Marketing and Communications for Audi Middle East. This outstanding vehicle offers a glimpse into the future of luxury transportation and exemplifies our dedication to cutting-edge mobility solutions. We cordially invite everyone to stop by the Museum of the Future to experience the innovative technologies and stunning design of AI:CON.

Up until September 20th, the Museum of the Future's "Tomorrow Today" exhibition will include the Audi AI:CON. Visitors have the chance to see how sophisticated technology, sustainability, and opulent comfort are seamlessly incorporated into Audi's vision of the future.

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