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  • Sheryll Mericido

Audi Middle East debuts urbansphere concept at UAE's Museum of the Future

Audi Middle East has unveiled the Audi urbansphere concept at the Museum of the Future in the UAE. This marks the first appearance of the Audi urbansphere in the region, showcasing its groundbreaking design and innovative technologies. The introduction of the concept at the Museum of the Future represents a strategic partnership between Audi Middle East and the museum, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the cutting-edge developments shaping the future of transportation.

The Audi urbansphere is part of the sphere series, joining the skysphere, grandsphere, and activesphere concepts. Built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) technology platform with an electric drive system, it offers impressive range and power. With a battery module holding around 120 kilowatt hours of energy and fast-charging capabilities of up to 270 kilowatts, the urbansphere is ready for action with swift charging times.

Inside, the concept offers an opulent interior with a spacious layout, eliminating the need for a traditional steering wheel and dashboard. Passengers can choose to hide or display these components, enhancing the feeling of relaxation and comfort. The lounge-chair-inspired design, with light-colored, pillow-like upholstery, provides a serene atmosphere during travel. Advanced control interfaces and connectivity options allow passengers to work, communicate, or unwind.

The Audi urbansphere offers seamless integration of digital services, catering to passengers' needs during their journey. It also boasts autonomous features such as door-to-door service, parking identification, and autonomous battery charging. Audi extends corporate privileges to customers, including access to premium experiences like concerts, cultural events, and sporting activities, all tailored to individual preferences.

On the exterior, the concept showcases a sleek and aerodynamic design, with a distinctive inverted hexagonal Singleframe grille and digital lighting elements for versatile graphics.

The Audi urbansphere incorporates sustainable design principles, using materials from sustainable sources in the interior and recycled materials for seat padding and armrests.

Elmir Arnautovic, Audi Middle East Marketing and Communications Director, expressed the significance of introducing the urbansphere to the Middle East, highlighting Audi's commitment to innovative and environmentally conscious mobility solutions.

The Audi urbansphere concept will be on display at the Museum of the Future as part of the 'Tomorrow, Today' exhibition until mid-January 2024, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Audi's vision for the future of mobility.

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