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  • Ahmed Saleh

Audi Middle East joins Tree-Nation to promote sustainable mobility

  • With over 2,100 trees now planted, Audi encourages people to join their ongoing global forestry efforts.

  • Audi wants to establish itself as a pioneer in environmentally conscious transportation.

Audi Middle East is proud to officially announce its participation in the Tree-Nation initiative, further bolstering the brand’s commitment to delivering sustainable mobility solutions to its customers and solidifying its position as a global leader in net-zero carbon mobility. This initiative signifies Audi’s dedication to championing environmental preservation and underscores its ambition to play a pivotal role in fostering a greener future, both in the region and across the globe. As the largest reforestation platform, Tree-Nation uses technology to simplify tree planting to help combat climate change. Through their projects, they restore forests and support communities to create a lasting environmental impact, and together with Audi Middle East, this opportunity is now accessible to everyone to support the reforestation mission. Audi Middle East embarked on this initiative in March of this year, offering their customers the opportunity to participate and, in doing so, offset their carbon footprint. Since then, the brand with the four rings has planted over 2,100 trees across various regions worldwide, including India, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Now, Audi Middle East has extended the invitation to the general public, inviting them to participate in the tree-planting initiative by registering at This expansion aims to further amplify the reforestation campaign and allow individuals to contribute to the initiative of planting trees alongside Audi. By joining this effort, participants not only offset their carbon footprint but also play a vital role in creating a greener and more sustainable future.

Olivier Gantois, Co-CEO at Tree-Nation, expressed his enthusiasm: "We are thrilled to take this initiative with Audi Middle East on the Tree-Nation platform to the next level. Audi’s commitment to actively engage its customers in its journey to carbon neutrality is commendable. We are proud to work with Audi Middle East in this endeavor and look forward to the positive impact we can make together." Through the initiative, Audi customers can actively participate in environmental preservation efforts and increase their awareness about the importance of reforestation and its role in mitigating climate change. Kieron Duncan, Aftersales and Network Development Director of Audi Middle East, commented, "We aim to go beyond manufacturing sustainable vehicles and actively involve the community around us in the journey towards a greener future. Together, with Tree-Nation, we can make an impact on the environment and create a legacy of environmental guardianship in the Middle East." He further expressed, "Since the rollout of this initiative, we have received great feedback from our valued customers. Their response has been overwhelming, highlighting the importance of our shared commitment to environmental sustainability. In light of this positive reception, we have decided to expand this remarkable initiative to reach an even wider audience, allowing more individuals to actively contribute to creating a greener and more sustainable future.‘‘

  • For more information and to plant the seeds of change now, please visit

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