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Audi offers SportContact 7 premium tires on RS 6 Avant

Audi installs Continental SportContact 7 premium tires as standard equipment on its performance RS 6 Avant model. The tire's exceptional qualities have helped it succeed in multiple tests and win over the carmaker with headquarters in Ingolstadt. The 22-inch variant will be installed on the Audi RS 6 Avant Performance with global approval acquired by Continental.

For strong, fast cars, the SportContact 7 is a high-performance summer tire. In order to combine the most delightful driving experience with the greatest levels of safety and sustainability, the Continental developers concentrated on reaching the utmost perfection in all performance categories. The tire offers eight percent shorter wet braking distances than its predecessor. The SportContact 7 improves its dry braking performance by 6% and increases its mileage by 17%. The new tire development, which is offered to consumers throughout the Middle East, significantly improves handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Along with ContiSilent technology, the SportContact 7 for the Audi RS 6 Avant lowers rolling noise, which is particularly irritating inside the passenger compartment, by as much as nine dB. This technique is implemented in the form of an interior foam layer that is affixed to the tread of the tire. This much more effectively dampens the vibrations caused while a vehicle is moving and its tires are rolling down the road surface.

The SportContact 7 has won 11 prestigious independent tire tests since it was introduced to the market. For instance, it won the summer tire tests conducted by the German automotive publications Auto Zeitung, Auto Bild sportscars, and Gute Fahrt this spring alone. The exceptionally balanced and responsive handling, low wet braking distances, and exceptional grip when braking and cornering particularly impressed the testers. It was declared the test winner in 2022 by the English trade publication Tyre Reviews.

The Audi RS 6 Avant Performance's authorized tire brand and size are SportContact 7 AO Silent, 285/30 ZR 22 101Y XL FR.

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