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  • Ahmed Saleh

Authority ensures visitor satisfaction at holy mosques with modern technology

Makkah, December 22, 2023, The General Authority for the Care of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque is dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of visitors and worshippers at the two holy mosques by providing services aligned with an ambitious vision and integrated coordination among participating parties, utilizing modern technologies.

One of the key services offered includes the rigorous washing and sterilization of the Grand Mosque, its roof, courtyards, and facilities to prepare for visitors and worshippers. This involves conducting ten washing sessions daily, executed by a dedicated staff of 4,000 male and female workers under the supervision of 200 Saudi supervisors working around the clock.

In addition, 120 engineers and technicians work diligently before each prayer to maintain and optimize the sound network, encompassing 8,000 speakers within the Grand Mosque and its courtyards. The operational efforts also extend to providing essential amenities such as 3,516 toilets and 9,155 diaper bags daily, installing more than 35,000 new carpets in all prayer halls and courtyards, deploying 3,000 hand carts and 2,000 electric carts, managing 6,000 cart pushers, and operating over 1,000 equipment and machines dedicated to laundry work throughout the day. These extensive preparations are designed to cater to the needs of as many as 1,600,000 expected worshippers.

The authority is committed to enhancing the experience of the guests of Allah by providing comprehensive facilities, and capabilities, and developing infrastructure projects in the Two Holy Mosques. Aligned with the goals of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, the authority aims to elevate the efficiency of services for the guests of God. This includes hosting 30,000,000 visitors and pilgrims annually and continuously improving and developing services provided to worshippers, thereby enhancing the operational and service efficiency in the Two Holy Mosques. This commitment contributes to creating an optimal environment, overcoming challenges, and ensuring a seamless journey for worshippers from arrival to departure.

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