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  • Ahmed Saleh

Authority strives to enhance visitor experience at the Prophet's Mosque

Madinah, February 4, 2024, The General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque is making remarkable efforts to enhance the experience of visitors and worshippers at the Prophet's Mosque. A key aspect of these efforts is the provision of extensive facilities and services, notably in the realm of parking accommodations.

The designated parking area at the Prophet's Mosque covers an impressive expanse of 199,000 square meters, organized into 24 parking units. Each unit can accommodate over 184 vehicles, providing a total parking space for 4,416 vehicles. To further enhance the convenience for visitors, the area is equipped with 48 self-service payment machines.

Ensuring the safety and security of visitors is a top priority, evident in the comprehensive surveillance system implemented at the parking lots. A total of 679 surveillance cameras are strategically placed to monitor and safeguard the premises, contributing to the overall peace of mind for those attending the Prophet's Mosque.

In addition to security measures, the parking area is equipped with 800 fire extinguishers, 190 fire hoses, and 22,915 fire hydrants. These safety provisions underline the commitment to creating a secure and well-prepared environment for worshippers and visitors alike.

Through these initiatives, the General Authority aims to elevate the overall experience of individuals visiting the Prophet's Mosque, combining convenience, security, and safety to ensure a peaceful and spiritually fulfilling environment.

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