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  • Ahmed Saleh

Balad Al-Fann Initiative Transforms Jeddah's Historic District into an Art Hub in 2024

Jeddah, January 10, 2024, In a bid to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Jeddah, the Balad Al-Fann initiative, launched on December 7, is set to transform the Historic District into a vibrant art hub throughout 2024. This innovative platform seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary arts, providing a canvas for the city's dynamic creativity.

Running until March 9, 2024, Balad Al-Fann kicks off with the "Sindbad: I Can See Land" exhibition, a multidisciplinary group showcase revolving around Sindbad, a prominent figure in Arabic literature. International artists will explore themes of relocation, displacement, and adaptation within evolving landscapes through mediums such as video, painting, photography, performance, and installation. The goal is to challenge perceptions of physical space, fostering new understandings of shared places and the concept of home.

Simultaneously, the "Matters through Matter" exhibition, launched on January 4, delves into the independent interactions of objects beyond human perception. Over 30 global artists contribute large-scale installations and performances in Jeddah's Historic District until March 9, 2024.

Scheduled for January 27 to March 1, 2024, the "Hot Cities" exhibition at Beit Aramco aims to shed light on how residents in Arab World cities adapt to increasing temperatures. This event will showcase innovative architectural designs and technologies addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

Adding a melodic dimension, Balad Al-Fann introduces Sama'a, an immersive music program emphasizing the importance of sound and attentive listening. Drawing inspiration from early learning principles, the program incorporates repetition, active participation, and storytelling to create lasting impressions, following traditional educational methods.

The cultural extravaganza continues with the "Aswat Al Balad" event on January 12, followed by the Jeddah International Jazz Program on January 25. Additionally, the Talent Market event is scheduled for February 1st and 2nd, offering a platform for emerging talents to showcase their creativity.

Balad Al-Fann's year-long series of events promises to enrich the cultural tapestry of Jeddah, inviting residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the diverse and dynamic world of art and creativity.

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