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  • Ahmed Saleh

"Balad Al-Fann" program in Jeddah, under "Past Forward," attracts significant visitor interest

Jeddah, January 14, 2024, The "Balad Al-Fann" program, falling under the theme "Past Forward" and scheduled to continue until the end of March 2024, has garnered significant interest from visitors and tourists in Jeddah. The program's diverse activities have attracted crowds eager to enjoy a variety of art and cultural exhibitions, artistic and theatrical performances, handicraft displays, traditional performances, visual arts, culinary arts, and art workshops reflecting the rich tapestry of Saudi culture.

The art exhibitions featured a blend of traditional and modern displays showcasing various art forms, including drawing, photography, artistic scale models, and works by regional and international artists. One notable exhibition, "Something Will Be," invited attendees to explore fantasy and imagination through diverse artistic expressions.

As part of the "Voices of the Country" event, live musical performances by artists from different countries were presented, offering a unique experience of silent listening to live voices from the streets of the country within isolated glass rooms.

The overarching goal of the "Balad Al-Fann" program is to highlight the history and culture of the historical area in Jeddah, fostering interest in arts and culture. The initiative aims to enhance the local economy of the Al-Balad district, transforming it into a cultural and economic tourist destination, supporting artistic talents, and positioning historic Jeddah as a prominent cultural center in the region. This program contributes to the city's vibrant cultural scene and aligns with broader initiatives promoting arts, culture, and tourism in Saudi Arabia.

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